Monday, April 30, 2012

Yongde tea map

Here is a map of Yongde area, in the West of Lincang County, Yunnan.

The main tea villages are indicated on the map, following is a list with more information.

village name                       altitude           size of the tea gardens                      age of the tea gardens

Manlai (Daxueshan):           2100 m          400 000 wild tea trees                        thousands years old
Banka Xiang 班卡乡:            2000m                50 ha                                                        100 years old
Mangfei 芒肥:                        1500m                64 ha                                                           80 years old
Tuanshu 团树 ‘:                     2000m              100 ha                                                           60 years old
Yuhua 玉华Ž:                          1900m              150 ha                                                           70 years old
Pingzhang 平掌:                    2000m               50 ha                                                            60 years old
Mingfeng Shan 鸣凤山:    1900m               50 ha                                                            90 years old
Meiziqing 梅子清:               2000m             105 ha                                                          100 years old
Mugua Zhai 木瓜寨:           1500m               50 ha                                                            80 years old
Dika 底卡:                             1700m               50 ha                                                         100 years old
Wujia Zhai 武家寨:            2000m               50 ha                                                          100 years old

As you can notice, the quantity and age of the tea gardens is not super impressive, maybe this is one of the reasons why Yongde is a bit neglected. Good for the amateur! Yongde Cha features lower prices than other areas and has its load of hidden gems.

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  1. I like discovering new, potentially overlooked types of tea and tea producing regions. I don't know anything at all about Yongde...and I don't think I've tried anything from this area, to my knowledge.