Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lao Man E

On my first visit, Lao Man E impressed me very much, even though it is a very famous place now, it feels so remote. Maybe I got that feeling because Lao Man E is only surrounded by ancient tea gardens, pagodas and temples. You cannot see anything else when in Lao Man E, you don't feel like at the top of a mountain. From Nannuo Shan, you can see the two major cities of Xishuangbanna, from Jingmai, you can contemplate the large paddy fields in the plains, you get a grasp of civilization. But in Lao Man E, there is only tea and meditation. 

Lao Man E in the morning

Old people pray all day, and sleep in an annex of the temple

They go back home on the second day

Tea is all around the village

Ancient tea forest

In these hills, there are wild tea trees... and big snakes!

Buddhism is omnipresent in Bulang Shan

Natural tea gardens

Bamboo is used extensively in Xishuangbanna

Ancient tea gardens are all around, the Han culture is so far away, Lao Man E is the center of Bulang culture, it doesn't feel like China at all. I have always been fascinated by Bulang Shan, this is a mystic place, there are always weird things happening there.  Bulang Shan tea is like Burgundy wine, it has a strong character, it can be very good or very bad, sometimes, it gives a hard time to our stomach, sometimes, it brings our throat to nirvana. This area is so peculiar.

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