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Principles of organic tea farming

Originally written by Pu Jin Jing 普金晶
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Principles of organic tea farming (By Pu Jin Jing)

In all cases, distribute the trees all across your available land, don't leave any empty spot.

Keep 2-3 meters between each tree, this will ensure the tea trees have room to develop their roots; low grass will also grow naturally, it will attract many insects, ensuring good biodiversity and avoiding that too many insects gather on the tea trees and damage them! Preserve a natural food chain in the tea garden.

Try to flatten the steep fields, it will avoid water flowing down and will help keep the nutrients in the soil!

Preserve a natural environment all around the tea garden.

Till the soil once or twice a year, add a bit of homemade fertilizer or cut weeds and bury them around the tea trees. Use local green manure: dead leaves taken from the nearby forest is perfect, it will be enough to give your tea garden a nutrient boost.

6.茶树的修剪: 剪掉过秘的枝条集中茶树营养,或者过长过高的枝条,以此控制茶树过快的长高,增加树冠,让茶树成伞形,以此方便采摘!
Pruning the tea bushes: cutting off the top will concentrate the nutrients into the lateral branches. If it's already tall trees, pruning them will give them an umbrella shape, making the harvest easier.

Control the flowering and fruit growth, pick them systematically!

Picking techniques: refer to this article (in Chinese)

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