Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ten tea sayings

Ten tea sayings
by 传芳 Huang Chuan Fang

Huang Chuan Fang is a taiwanese tea master who dedicates his time to tea and calligraphy.

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  1. You can not understand tea, but you can't not understand how to enjoy tea:
    You can not really understand how to taste tea, but you can't be blind to the taste of tea
    You can dislike the taste of tea
    But please, do respect it,
    It is made by Nature, from tea trees, from the heart of forests.

  2. Tea lovers can be tea vendors, but tea vendors are not necessarily tea lovers.

  3. Along the Way, you will discover new tastes
    actually, it's often tastes that you met before and that you forgot

  4. Enjoy the present tea cup, tomorrow, you might not have it again

  5. You're not sure to have good tea in the future, but you can be sure that the good tea you have today will not last forever.

  6. Those who love to drink tea surely like tea, those who understand tea do not necessarily love to drink it.

  7. The tea which is processed in accordance with its characteristics is good tea
    The tea which is not processed in accordance with its characteristics is strange tea
    Strange tea which is good to drink is a very interesting tea

  8. A good tea is no necessarily old, an old tea is not necessarily good

  9. There is no definite way to brew tea, but when you're brewing tea, you must do it in a definite way.

  10. Tea is simple to learn and hard to understand
    It's easy to enter in the labyrinth of knowledge and once you're in, you cannot go backward.

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